Truth is ultimate. And it’s the driving audio philosophy at Ultimate Ears. Our mission is to deliver the loudest, cleanest, truest representation of the music you love–just the way the artist intended it. Ultimate Sound technology is how we do it. A continually fine-tuned set of protocols, and over 130 issued and pending patents, driven by a global team of super-passionate audio nerds. And it’s all designed to create a mobile sound experience that is second to none.

Most portable speakers compress audio to artificially boost volume. But the result is a loss in dynamic range. Your beloved music can feel bland, noisy, and even exhausting to listen to. And some instrumentation disappears completely. Not cool. Ultimate Sound™ technology is tuned to carefully balance audio at all volume levels, and preserve as much of the dynamic range as possible. Your music can be loud, but it still sounds clean and full of detail.

Ultimate Ears pioneered the 360° mobile music experience, and have been perfecting it ever since. From day one we understood that mobile speakers are unique. Because they move and need to rock hard in so many different environments, they should radiate sound. Our speakers feature specialized drivers, housing geometry, grill and fabric, that have all been meticulously designed and refined to deliver 270 to 360 degrees of consistently killer sound.

Great sound is felt as much as it is heard, and Ultimate Sound is all about big bass vibes. But like loudness, many mobile speakers overclock bass which frequently boosts isolated notes and overwhelms other sounds in the mix. Our world-class low-frequency drivers and Digital Signal Processing algorithm (DSP) have been carefully tuned to maximize bass frequency output while preserving its full color and mix accuracy. True bass, in your face.

The Ultimate Ears “skin” is a vital component in sonic performance. It’s engineered to handle everything the good times will throw at it, while at the same time maximising the transmission of perfectly clear audio. To do this we select and rigorously test high-performance fabrics, dyes and protectants for strength, durability and acoustic invisibility.

The unrivaled sound of Ultimate Ears is the result of constant fine tuning across every aspect of our speakers. And whether it’s a new fabric dye, a refined driver, or a tweak to the DSP algorithm, everything ultimately meets the test of our Anechoic chamber. A huge two-story, zero-sound environment, among the quietest places on the planet, where we precisely measure the minutest changes in audio quality, loudness, distortion, frequency response, directionality, and more.

Ultimate Ears Anechoic Chamber in Camas, Washington


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