From the streets to the world’s biggest stages, Ultimate Ears makes beautiful, premium audio gear so music fans and creators can listen, perform, and live to the ultimate

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Conceived in California in the back of a Van Halen tour bus in 1995, we set out with a simple mission... create the most kick-ass in-ear monitors the music industry had ever seen or heard.

Ultimate Ears was born. And, with it, a journey of relentless innovation and craftsmanship that led, ultimately, to becoming monitor-of-choice of the world’s biggest artists. Customers that include Coldplay, Rita Ora, Sir Paul McCartney and Sam Smith.

Two decades later…

...we went from the ears of pros to the ears of fans, and brought our audio engineering nerdery and superlative philosophy to consumer speakers and earphones.

We created the world’s first mobile speaker with 360° sound, size-defying audio performance, unheard of ruggedness, and the now iconic circular form loved by millions.

Our portfolio has grown to include:

the mighty little WONDERBOOM 3, BOOM 3, MEGABOOM 3 & EPICBOOM - the ultimate go-anywhere speakers, and the ultimate party starter speaker HYPERBOOM.

Now we’re giving ear buds the ultimate treatment.

Allowing music fans to create totally custom-fit, custom-designed, premium earphones, precisely handcrafted to the shape of their ears.



Whether it’s delivering precise in-ear-monitoring for performers, or loud-and-bassy amplified sound for fans, we strive to deliver the cleanest, truest representation of the music you love. Our team of passionate designers and engineers continually innovate to push the physics of sound and form to new limits.



Ultimate Ears products are always designed with exacting, fashion-forward style, and year-over-year win leading design awards such as IF, Good and Red Dot. They’re built to perform too. From military-grade fabrics, to insane standards of water, sweat, and drop-proofing, and more, everything we create is designed for extreme performance.



We constantly obsess over ways to make the experience of enjoying and performing music more spontaneous, effortless, and all around more awesome. Features like voice and one-touch control on speakers; custom molding and personalized design of earphones and professional in-ear monitors; to name just a few.